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WBEC Pacific is the largest non-governmental Women-Owned Business certifying body in its six-state region, providing WBENC and WOSB certification for Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs) . Along with certification, WBEC Pacific provides events and educational programs that help create business opportunities for women looking to build their business, enhance their knowledge, expand their networks, and grow their revenue through contracts with large corporations, government agencies, and other women-owned businesses.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events are an anchor to great community.  WBEC Pacific produces virtual event programming that is rich with valuable content, and empowers WBE members to continue growing and connecting.

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This is a place to share.  Knowledge, curiosity, questions… Part of the power of WBEC is sum of US !  Here is where we provide you with resources and a place to gather.  Here’s where we will do the work !